Signature Risk Partners Inc.

Ashley Chinner, R.I.B. (Ont.)

Senior Vice President, Central Region & Director of Golf

Mr. Chinner leads the Central Region working closely with commercial insurance brokers to help them provide exceptional risk management tools to their customers.

Ashley was a touring golf pro and has been a member of the CPGA since 1989. Ashley has played in golf tournaments in 25 countries, 40 states and 10 provinces and is a past champion of the Canadian PGA Championship.

In 2001, Ashley joined the insurance industry and since that time he has been instrumental in working with leading golf clubs across the country to develop risk management plans and asses their specific insurance needs. In his role at Signature Risk Ashley is responsible for the growth of Signature Golf across the country as well as the growth of the Central Region.

Mr. Chinner is an active member at Coppinwood Golf Club in Uxbridge, Ontario and he lives with his family near Toronto.