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Underwriting Bulletins

Dealing with Fuel Storage Tanks at a Golf Course

Fuel storage tanks pose one of the biggest pollution risks at a golf course due to their average age and propensity to leak. Please read the attached Bulletin for more information.

Valuing Wines in Process at Wineries | July 2013

Stock is a critical issue for wineries since the production of wine can take months or even years to complete and the value of wines in process increases with each passing day.

Stolen Golf Carts - A Rising Epidemic | September, 2012

We have noticed an alarming increase in the number of stolen golf cars at facilities across the country. The difference is that now the sheer number of carts that are being taken has increased dramatically over the last few months and we are now learning of golf clubs losing 10, 20 or more cars all at once.

Getting the Best “Value” | May 14, 2010

The concept of accurate valuation for insurance purposes has always been a challenge, for both the insured customer and the insurance company writing the risk.