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Signature Risk Partners Announce the Stolen Cart Online Registry (SCOR)


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Signature Risk Partners Inc. Announce the Stolen Cart Online Registry (SCOR)

TORONTO, CANADA - January 08, 2013 - Signature Risk Partners Inc. is pleased to announce that it has created the golf industry’s first online centralized database for stolen golf carts called SCOR.

The Stolen Cart Online Registry (SCOR) is a response to a real need by the golf industry to track stolen carts from different manufacturers. The SCOR database can be accessed by golf clubs, cart dealers and the general public through Signature Risk’s website and the program is 100% funded by Signature.

“We saw a need to create a resource for golf clubs and the general public where they can verify golf cart serial numbers,” said James Grant, President & CEO of Signature Risk Partners in Toronto. Grant continued, “Carts are stolen regularly and we have to assume that a large number of these stolen carts are being resold. We created SCOR as part of our ongoing commitment to the golf industry as a whole.”

The SCOR Database is populated with stolen cart information gathered from distributors, golf leasing companies and insurance adjusters across the country. The goal of this innovative program is to reduce golf cart theft by providing an easy way for buyers to verify the serial numbers of used carts.

“If we can help reduce the number of golf carts that are stolen each year then everyone wins,” said Ashley Chinner, Director of Golf at Signature. Mr. Chinner continued, “The cost of insurance is significant for golf club owners and operators and by reducing claims we can help our clients keep their annual premiums down while still providing them with the best coverage available to the industry.”

SCOR is now live on the Signature Risk website and can be accessed at:

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