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Audubon International Premium Credit

In 1991 Audubon International constructed and maintains the Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary Program for Golf Courses (“ACSP”). The ACSP is an award winning education and certification program that helps golf courses protect our environment and preserve the natural heritage of the game of golf.

There are currently over 45 ACSP certified golf courses in Canada and over 500 in the United States. More than 2,110 golf courses in 24 countries participate in the ACSP for Golf Courses.

Signature Golf believes that the ACSP program is the future of golf and is pleased to be an Official Partner of Audubon International.

Golf course facilities that achieve and maintain ACSP certification may be entitled to an annual credit towards their Signature Golf insurance premium.

Please contact an authorized Signature Golf sales representative for details.

For more information about Audubon International and the ACSP please visit or call 518.767.9051.

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